"Toi en Toile"

Custom Painting

If you want to acquire a painting that suits you, that you co-create, this concept is for you ! 

This one was born from 

– a desire to paint for someone and give them an artistic experience 

 -a conviction: that art brings multiple benefits to oneself (development of creativity, reduction of stress, intellectual stimulation, rejuvenation, etc.), to the way one views others and the world.

 – an impulse: that of making art accessible to a greater number of people, convinced that “Beauty will save the world”.  

Step 1: co-creation  

 During a first meeting, thanks to a projection assistance method, we will take stock of your preferences, your emotions, your sources of renewal and the particularities of your interior so that I can present to you during a first meeting. a second meeting different sketches or the formalization of preliminary ideas.  The last meeting(s) will be an opportunity to present the final sketch to you and make the final modifications.

Step 2: a few months later …

The discovery of the final painting, the painting will arrive at your home! For Ile-de-France residents, I will be very happy to hand it over to you!  

De là Haut by Valérie Tay

In France, good news: the tax deduction

Investing in ART is a great opportunity. It is a way to support artistic creation and to take advantage of a tax deduction.

It relates to :
Companies subject to corporation tax (automatically or optionally)
sole proprietorships subject to income tax in the BIC category, excluding BNCs.

Here are two links that will allow you to understand everything:


Collector’s feedbacks

The painting that adorns my walls delights me in two ways

- its beauty: it fascinates me, makes me travel, dream and fills me with serenity.

- Its author: I consider myself lucky to have it on my walls, I am full of gratitude to the artist who created it. Thanks to her, I am surrounded by things that I love and that revitalize me


Valérie's paintings immediately attracted me. I particularly appreciate their powerful colors and abstraction.

So I chose a yellow painting, which I installed in my office. Doing intellectual and particularly demanding work, I need to take a step back and escape ... this painting is also a source of inspiration and serenity in my personal daily life.

It allows me to refocus and let go. I can only recommend Valérie's paintings