My crushes

“We are the painters, the real heirs, those who continue to paint. We are the heirs of Rembrandt, Vélasquez, Cézanne, Matisse. A painter always has a father and a mother, he does not come out of nothing ...”
“Monet, it's only one eye, but God damn it, what an eye”

What do the Impressionists, the Barbizon club, the La Ruche team, the Ecole de Paris or the surrealists have in common? It was that between them they were friends (or almost), they were inspired, challenged, raised, admired, compared!

For me, it was a great revelation to realize during my art history studies that painters were not alone in their studio between cursed genius and deep isolation …!

Through this page which will evolve over time depending on meetings, inspirations … I want to share with you some favorites which in turn inspire me … And you, what are yours?

Isabelle Ruscher Caillard