Toile en Val

I invite you

to discover my artistic universe

Putting an emotion, a feeling, a momentum on painting, I immediately recognized myself in the current of lyrical abstraction.

My style is characterized by color and movement. By putting the painting on the ground, I blow on the diluted colors, they intermingle and create an unforeseen event that will be sublimated by juxtaposed glazes: a kind of metaphor for life, between will and letting go taken, between borrowing from nature and taking action.

When I realized that each color has a certain vibration, a different musicality it was for me a real revelation: two opposite colors on the chromatic scale sublimate side by side while two complementary colors mixed together create a deep black.

Studio secret

2 moving paintings

Collector’s feedbacks

The painting that adorns my walls delights me in two ways

- its beauty: it fascinates me, makes me travel, dream and fills me with serenity.

- Its author: I consider myself lucky to have it on my walls, I am full of gratitude to the artist who created it. Thanks to her, I am surrounded by things that I love and that revitalize me


Valérie's paintings immediately attracted me. I particularly appreciate their powerful colors and abstraction.

So I chose a yellow painting, which I installed in my office. Doing intellectual and particularly demanding work, I need to take a step back and escape ... this painting is also a source of inspiration and serenity in my personal daily life.

It allows me to refocus and let go. I can only recommend Valérie's paintings