Welcome to you in this 2.0 studio where you will be able to discover my artistic universe: paintings, a path, meetings with other painters who inspire me and then this concept which will allow you to have with you a painting that you looks like !

The Concept

Toi en toile

The concept of tailor-made canvas – “Toi en toile ” was built step by step.  He is born 

–      a desire to paint for someone in particular 

–      a conviction that painting brings multiple benefits to oneself (development of creativity, reduction of stress, intellectual stimulation, rejuvenation, etc.), to the way one views others and the world 

 –      an impulse: that of making art accessible to as many people as possible, convinced that “Beauty will save the world” –

      from the observation that it is difficult to find a canvas that we like over time and that finds its place in your private or professional space.